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Cardale Jones' playing career in the NCAA is over, but the NFL Draft prospect still ranted against the institution in a series of fiery tweets Monday.

Cardale Jones torched the NCAA in a Twitter rant

Former Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones will leave the NCAA behind when he enters the NFL Draft later this month, but the 23-year-old made sure to take a parting shot at the NCAA on Twitter Monday.


I’m so happy to be done with the @NCAA and their rules & regulation. They do any & everything to exploited collegiate athletes.

— Cardale Jones (@CJ12_)April 11, 2016

It’s deeper than athletes thinking we should get paid. The @NCAA control our lives with insane and unfair rules.

— Cardale Jones (@CJ12_)April 11, 2016

Why shouldn’t a collegiate athlete be able to use their OWN likeness/brand to benefit themselves but yet the @NCAA can sell there jerseys

— Cardale Jones (@CJ12_)April 11, 2016

That’s my 2cent on the @NCAA .It’s not like that’s going to change how the athletes are exploited, even tho 98% of people feel the same way

— Cardale Jones (@CJ12_)April 11, 2016

Jones has a history of candid comments on social media. In 2012, Jones tweeted, “Why should we have to go to class if we came here to play FOOTBALL, we ain’t come to play SCHOOL classes are POINTLESS.” The school did not seem happy about Jones’ comments at the time. They released a statement about their social media policy for student athletes shortly after the Jones’ remarks, and the quarterback deleted his tweet.

But Jones is far from the first college athlete to complain about the NCAA’s ability to profit off of its sports stars. His tweets Monday are especially relevant considering Big East commissioner Val Ackerman told Sports Illustrated Friday that the NCAA might allow student-athletes to sign endorsement deals.

“It’s actually a time right now where student athlete interests are being closely examined,” Ackerman told Sports Illustrated. “I don’t have an answer for you on that one today but I will say that and a number of other topics are under review, and I think rightly by the NCAA and it’s very possible that over the course of the next year or two as these these ideas work their way through the legislative system you could see changes.”

It isn’t clear why Jones specifically decided to go on a rant against the NCAA Monday, but it will be interesting to see whether his outspoken nature affects his draft stock at all. The quarterback earned a 5.44 grade from NFL.com as a possible middle-round draft pick.

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